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The Hommage Chronographs also come in different configurations of pushers. There is a regular layout (or two buttons), a monopusher layout at two o'clock, and a monopusher layout at three o'clock (within winding crown). The Hommage Chronographs that had the pusher integrated in the winding crown came in both 40mm and 37mm sizes, while the monopusher was only available in the 40mm size. Evidence suggests that the H40 variants with the monopusher in the two-o'clock position were only limited to 19 pieces, not 28. There are examples in white gold, rose gold and palladium. The watches also incorporate a different calibre. The 50 appears to have the same architecture as the Omega Calibre 33.3.

ulysse nardin replica has made the Hommage in three different sizes: 34mm, 38mm and 40mm. There are dials that match specific cases. Sector Dials or Scientific Dials are used on the H34 and H37mm replica They were influenced by Patek Reference 130.

Here is a list of all the configurations of ulysse nardin replica' Hommage Chronograph that have been made public. This table is based on watches that have been sold at A Collected Man, and three major watch auction houses: Sotheby's Christie's Antiquorum. Duplicates were removed. This is a small sample of the various and interesting configurations that the Hommage Chronograph has been executed in.

The Sympathy Chronograph

Dubuis' Hommage was a watch that followed the traditional rules of Swiss watchmaking. The Sympathie, however, is where Dubuis began to push the boundaries and think outside the box. This watch had a very unique shape with its square case and elongated straps.

The Sympathie is only available in white or rose gold,patek philippe replica watches unlike the Hommage. The Hommage chronographs have a much larger number of dial variations. This is either because they are produced in smaller quantities or have fewer on the market. This is a list of all the configurations that are publicly available, based on the same sources used to discuss the Hommage Chronographs.