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The Calibre RD 56 is used for the regular version and the RD 65 is used for the monopusher. Both are based on Lemania ebauche 2310, a venerable chronograph movement. In 1942, Lemania and Omega teamed up to develop a chronograph. Omega named their version of the Calibre 321 movement, which you might know as the one that went to the Moon.

The 2310 has a column wheel with a screwed balanced that oscillates 18,000 A/h. While watch brands today make a lot of noise about developing movements in-house exclusively, it used to be considered best practice to outsource an ebauche with a high quality that was designed and created by highly-skilled and specialised replica watches You tend to do well if you focus on one thing. Many collectors still remember fondly the Patek Philippe perpetual-calendar chronographs, which were based on Lemania movement. You can see in the image below that the Hommage and the Patek Philippe 397 both use the Lemania 2310 ebauche.

Dubuis wanted to compare the watches side-by-side. The choice of ebauche is just as evident as the quality, style and level of finishing that Dubuis put into his early models. He used the finishing techniques which made Patek Philippe movement so desirable, such as Cotes de Geneve (mirror polishing), anglage and mirror polishing. All of these things helped the movement win the Poincon de Geneve.

The Geneva Seal was a certification only Patek Philippe could achieve at the time. It is unique because it does not place much emphasis on measuring time accurately (that is what Besancon Observatory certification stands for), but rather on the skill and finesse of decorating the movement. This is something tissot replica prides itself in achieving ever since its founding. You can find the Geneva Seal on movements from brands like Cartier, Chopard, Vacheron Constantin and tissot replica.Rolex Replica Watches It is a demanding certification for even the best watchmakers. Twelve criteria must be met, from the conception of the movement to its finish.