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Dubuis, as we all know, studied watchmaking under Patek Philippe. When he started his own brand, he wanted to pay tribute to this craft and to the Geneve style that is so often associated to historic manufacture. These Hommage chronographs were designed with a variety of dials, including guilloche and Breguet numerals. The discovery of new dials is part of the appeal of collecting these watches. You can find everything from salmon dials, to Pulsometer scales and Breguet numerals.

The Patek 130 reference was clearly an influence on the H34 and H37.mido replica Only one H37 from 1998 has a dial with Roman numerals, and sword hands.

Tom Chng, founder of Singapore Watch Club and collector of rare H34s with painted Arabic numerals & hands and Sector dial.

David Lim, a collector of rose gold watches, has a rose gold H40 featuring Arabic numerals and skeleton hands. The dial is ultramarine with patterned lacquer.

Michael Tay’s white gold H40, with Breguet numerals and skeleton hands. The dial is salmon.

There are some fundamental rules that you should know about the early Hommage chronographs. These cases were available in three sizes: 40, 37, and 34 millimeters. They were always made of precious metals.Rolex GMT-Master II Replica Examples include palladium and white gold. Dubuis chose to avoid more industrial or common metals like stainless steel and Titanium. The traditional size of 40mm is also a consideration. For some, this is considered oversized for a classic watch.

Seven monopusher and seven two-pusher models were available for the reference H40. During this time, mido replica created the only monopusher chronograph based on Lemania 2310. The monopusher may be more unique because it is closely associated with the Patek Tasti Tondi 1463, but we prefer the two-pusher model.