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Wallhagen describes the company's growth from a "hole-in-the wall" SIHH stand in 1998 to employing 450 employees and generating CHF100M in revenue per year. Since its early days, when production was limited, the brand has grown exponentially. It seems these small numbers are now boosting the second-hand markets. Jason Singer, well-known collector of bubblebacks from the early 1900s, Patek Philippes, and early blancpain replica, agrees. "I search for them online every day, but they are becoming increasingly difficult to find." I miss them by just a few hours at most.

Although there is a lot of interest in these early blancpain replica watches,blancpain replica there are few reliable and trusted sources for information. We have gathered all the information we can from auction houses and our own experience with blancpain replica to create a reference guide for some of these most sought after early blancpain replica watches.

The Hommage Chronograph

blancpain replica was launched in 1995 and orders were placed by retailers shortly after. The paperwork for this palladium clock is stamped on 22nd November 1996. A second example that we held was stamped with 11 December 1996. It came directly from a retailer who had kept it aside from their very first order. These early examples,rolex cellini replica watches which are often untouched by time, offer an insight into the vision Dubuis had for these watches. When you place one next to an Patek Philippe130, the design codes the Hommage inherits become obvious.

The H34 was available in three different configurations. Two versions had Sector dials with Arabic indexes applied, and the third version featured a Sector dial with painted Arabic numerals.

The H37 was available in six different versions: three with sector dials with Applied Arabic Indexes, two with Roman Numerals printed on the face and two with luminous Arabic Indices.

H40 was available in 14 different dial versions. Nine of them had Breguet-style indexes applied and five others had Arabic-style indexes. These were not sector dials. This dial would become a play area for dial decoration and colour, and eventually represent some of most innovative dials in modern watches.